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For the longest time I thought going to a therapist was something only 'crazy' people did. Boy was I WRONG!!!!! Mr. Terry makes it so easy to talk to. Only after a few visits I felt like a new man. I firmly believe that Mr. Terry saved my marriage and family. I'm not ashamed of telling people about my feelings or the fact that I see a therapist. Don't wait go talk to Mr. have nothing to lose except your negative feelings.

William C.

I saw Steven Terry several summers ago for depression & anxiety on an individual basis. I found him after many attempts at locating a therapist through my husband's EAP.
He seemed to be the right fit for me. Later my husband joined Steven & me for marital counseling. I was so depressed at the onset of my individual therapy that I was considering suicide. Later I was considering divorce. I accredited the alleviation of most of my depression in a large part to the talk therapy I did with Steven. Once my husband joined the therapy circle, we began to communicate more effectively. I accredit my marriage's current success in full to talk therapy in marital counseling with Sreven. I wholely believe that Steven helped my husband and me to save our marriage. I have recommended Steven to other individuals and couples. I will continue to recommend him to others in the future. He is well and widely read. He keeps abreast of current therapy tools. He also remains sensitive to the needs of individuals and couples. I only wish I could have found Steven as my therapist when I was younger.

Michelle C.